Agency Life….What Should I Expect?

mmuAgency Life”

As I’ve just finished my 1st year at Manchester Metropolitan University, obviously the next step is 2nd year. Man Met have invented a unit for 2nd year student which involves going to a marketing/PR/advertising agency for one day a week doing unpaid work, all to give you a taste of what life will be like when you finish University. This carries on for 2 terms and at the end you get graded on it, also some placements could employ you for extra part time work should they want to. I have already sorted out my placement for that unit, so now it’s just a waiting game.

What should I expect???

In the 1st year of University I have learnt the basics of marketing, we learn theories and concepts and are introduced to basic marketing philosophies. But all this knowledge doesn’t tell me what I’m going to be doing on a day to day basis. Dealing with clients, handling business’s social media sites, maybe blogging – I have an idea what I may be up against but I won’t know till day one…

…and I can’t wait! I have a really dull summer in store for me, full of job hunting and handing out CV’s to take up some of these 3/4 months till I start back at Uni, so I’m just waiting for summer to be over so I can start the placement. Bring. It. On.

Do you have any tips or first-day-at-work experiences? Let me know!


  1. Hi Jo, Good for you! How proud you must be of yourself starting a career! 🙂
    I suggest (if not too late) look for a summer job within a marketing or PR firm. You can work in some retail stores and get some marketing tips there, or ad advertising firm. You can even look up some of those places like Marketing or PR firms and try to get a meeting with someone within those firms that is doing the job you want to do and get some info. on what their daily work life is like. Or do a search on what those types of careers do daily. You have to use all your resources and then take that knowledge with you on your first day at work. Just remember to also, ask questions once you start the job as well. People love to talk about themselves, so doing that and getting info. from those within that career should be easy. Hope that helps you! Good luck! 🙂

  2. Thank you! I spent a lot of the start of the summer looking for jobs and summer internships to try and so something/anything which keeps me busy over summer. I ended up applying for job after job, and the internships didn’t want a first year unfortunately, eventually I got a job at my student union (which I started last week) in the shop as a retail assistant, so I’m hoping this experience will do we some good in the future! Thanks for your advice – meetings with people who do my future dream job is a very very good idea! I think I will definitely do that at some stage!
    Thank you for all your input it’s greatly appreciated!

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