“Rate My Shag” Facebook Pages…Really?

pg-27-shagbook (Image from The Independent)

Just when you thought Facebook couldn’t pry into peoples personal lives any more, someone creates a University “Rate My Shag” page.

One of the first groups to appear were by people from Newcastle University and Nottingham Trent, soon they swarmed England and the pages were popping up for nearly every University – yes I even saw one for my own University (no I did not join it).

Apparently Universities were outraged that they were associated with such groups and made an effort to get them taken down, however they were not up for long anyway as approximately 1-2 days after they were created Facebook took them down. That did not last long, did it?

Many people have spoken up and said it’s a form of bullying and it’s humiliating – and it is, I agree. From an outsider’s point of view and being a student I did see the funny side when I first heard about it, but imagine being one of those people who has been named and shamed, it would be mortifying and I feel sorry for anyone who has been. An article from The Independent tells more about what was posted.

Well I hope the creators of the pages had a fun, erm, day, but I think they should be worried if their Uni’s find out who they are.


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