As An Advertising Student, This Offends Me…

What is the point in people studying advertising, or putting money into creating an advert to showcase your brand or product if the advert itself is absolutely shocking?! This morning, as I’m minding my own business trying to get on with uni work (coincidentally Advertising Management work), I have ITV on in the background watching This Morning, and BAM, there I see this horrific advert during the break. This is the offensive Kitty Bingo advert…

Is it me or is it just terrible? I understand that these two women are probably what you would stereotype “crazy cat ladies”, however would it even appeal to others who are stereotyped the same? I can’t understand the audience or how it would even appeal to anyone. Not to mention the acting is shocking.

I can’t really imagine why someone would pay for that advert to be created, even the clouds in the background look like a child’s drawing. If this is all they could of afforded then sadly I think they would have been better spending their money elsewhere. There’s no need to come up with shockingly bad adverts when there are so many different and creative ways of getting the message across.

However, after ranting about everything I hate about the advert, I will actually give them some credit… the cats are cute.

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