Three Advert Rocks #SingItKitty

I don’t know about you but I didn’t think anything could beat #DancePonyDance, but I think they have actually managed to do it. With there new advert rocking the hashtag #SingItKitty they have come up with a unique and funny concept yet again. Each time I see it on TV it entertains me equally as much as it did the time before (surely this means it’s a pretty good advert?), it’s a nice change from seeing Go Compare adverts which I try my hardest to ignore.

If it wasn’t good enough with the little girl with more confidence than Beyonce, the little diva cat in the basket is her perfect sidekick. The advert concept itself is great but with poor music it could have been ruined, however this well known track that sticks in all of our heads for hours after it couldn’t have been a more perfect match.

Even though I adore Three’s adverts I still don’t think they have been totally successful – but in my case I don’t think they could ever be? I love them as a brand in terms of the adverts they produce, they are creative and memorable and get a lot of publicity but their service still remains the same. Realistically they put money into their advertising to hopefully get money out of it by gaining new customers, the idea being people will remember Three when they are coming up to renewing or starting a new mobile contract and will want to go with Three but is this really going to happen? As said earlier I love their adverts and like them as a brand but I still know if I’m renewing my mobile contract I’ll never ever go with them as, believe it or not, I actually like my phone having signal (I know, it’s crazy isn’t it?!). If many others are still aware that Three are known for their customers having poor signal, will a good advert really sort that out?

Oh well, I don’t mind either way, I’m sure I’ll love the next advert just as much and I’m sure I’ll blog about that one too! For those of you who haven’t seen the advert until now, you’re welcome.


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