Jo McGrann, a 20 year old Advertising & Brand Management student a Manchester Metropolitan University (saying I study ad & brand @ MMU is a far easier way of saying this). This blog allows you to follow my journey through work/placement/student life…


During my 2nd year at University I took part in a University unit called ‘Agency Life’. In this unit I did one-day-a-week placement at a great digital marketing agency in Manchester called FireCask. I am now onto my Placement Year where I am a Marketing Assistant at No1 CopperPot Credit Union, I’ll be here for 12 months then I’ll be heading back to Uni to complete the final year of my degree.


I’m slightly obsessed with social media and check my accounts far to often that any sane person should – however should you want to add, follow or connect with me you’ll find my username across all sites – JoMcGrann. In my defense Pinterest is just far too addictive even though it may be completely pointless and a waste of my time!


Is saying I like handbags and shoes an interest? Well, we can class it as that for now. Don’t mistake me for a typical female though, I may like fashion but when I mean business… I mean it. I do know what I’m talking about and I’m determined to go far – otherwise my last 20 years of hard work would have gone to waste wouldn’t it?



  1. If you’re ever in Ireland drop me a line should be able to swing it so you can spend a few days with our marketing manager for our group, could put you in touch with a couple of people who are up and coming in the art industry too. Friend of mine tweetmonkey ogunyemi (timi) really cool guy and knows his stuff. Check him out on facebook sure he wont mind answering any questions you have.

    1. That sounds great! If I’m ever coming over to Ireland I’ll get in touch. Have you got LinkedIn? I’ll search for your friend on Facebook too. Thanks very much.

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