“A Bad Voice Over Can Ruin An Advert”

As I study Advertising, as part of our Advertising Management Unit at Uni this year we have to create our own advert. On the weeks leading up to filming our advert our lecturer made sure that it was drilled into our heads that “a bad voice over can ruin an advert”. Some accents just won’t work, women’s voices won’t usually work, and if the person sounds dull/boring… it also just wont work. So reflecting on this idea – which my lecturer has done a good job of drilling in my head – I came across a Christmas advert this year where I think the voice just does not work.

Here’s the advert…


My issue is the boys voice, as he’s going doing his good deeds he’s telling us what he’s doing and why. But I just don’t think his accent works. It reminds me of the accents you hear on Coronation Street, so I’m going to guess it’s a North-West accent (could be wrong though as I am horrendous at placing accents). Anyhow, I love the idea behind the advert, ‘the joy of giving’ and all that but I can’t help but think the accent ruins it. It’s supposed to make me think “aww, isn’t that lad sweet giving presents to everyone”, however I’m left thinking that his voice is terrible and insincere (not quite what Boots were trying to do)! It annoys me every time.

Am I the only one who thinks this voice just doesn’t fit the accent? Is it a an example of how a bad voice over can ruin an advert?

P.S. If the lad who’s voice was used to make the advert just happens to stumble across this blog post for some unknown reason, no offense to you mate, it’s the advert I have an issue with, not you.

Rant over. 

The things you can do in a couple of minutes…

photo edit

As an advertising student I do spend a lot of time looking at different adverts that are in the media. But also, as a woman, I pay attention to how women look in these adverts – mainly their slim, tanned, disproportional bodies. We constantly see “perfect” women in adverts from perfume to clothes – for male and female.  It’s difficult to tell what is actually real on these “perfect” women we are shown. 

So… one day I decided to have a play around with one of my holiday snaps from this year. As you can see, the photo on the left is the real one where I look very pale which not much make-up, then on the right I magically have a three-week-Caribbean-holiday tan, blusher and a touch of lippy! I know it’s not the best of editing – but I didn’t spend very long on it and I don’t have Photoshop. But it gives an idea of how much can be changed, I even found a “skinny” edit feature which slim down your face and body on the photo!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not gullible, I am very aware that the majority of the things we see in the media are not real and have been tampered with in some way. But, I do think it’s crazy that we can take a picture of someone and through editing we could change their skin colour, weight, height, make-up and facial features – all in a few clicks! I’m all for touching up photo’s and making things picture perfect for advertising campaigns but I don’t agree with showing young women disproportionate pictures of women and making them think it’s possible to look like them.




The adverts on Facebook usually have a link between previous websites you’ve been on and items you’ve looked at, they are then tailored to your home page to tempted you to go back and buy. Ok, I understand the concept BUT I can’t handle the temptation!

As a woman, I like online shopping, I do it quite a bit (probably too much). So when I’m looking at a new pair of shoes or a new dress then decide “No, Jo you don’t need them, save your money!”, I then go onto Facebook where the previous item is being pushed in my face. No wonder people are going into debt when you can’t even go o Facebook to talk to friends without being told to buy a handbag!

However, Facebook do completely get it wrong at times aswell. At this moment in time there’s an advert on my home page for powered wheelchairs…dunno where they have got that one from?!

I think the Facebook advert concept is great for fashion retailers, tempting an audience to go back and purchase. So well done Facebook in making me buy those shoes but you didn’t do so well in trying to get me to buy a wheelchair, sorry!

(image from


Inspire yourself…

I’ve just decided to blog after watching an inspirational video which I came across on someone else’s blog. Dove do amazing things. Hope this inspires you too…

I came across this one on


And here’s one that I came across years ago whilst at college that always makes me think…



The annoying ‘Go Compare’ man!


We all know the ridiculous and annoying theme tune: GO COMPARE, GO COMPARE – OK I’ll stop now, I know how annoying and catchy it is.

We might hate the adverts – the previous ones anyway – but we can’t deny it is fabulous advertising. Whenever I have needed to get car insurance quotes, Go Compare is where I go first just because I remember it easily; exactly what the advert is designed for.

However since they’ve stopped the irritating singing (luckily for us) they’ve turned the campaign into something funny, showing ‘Gio Compario’ looking for another job because people hate him. The latest one to hit our screens this April has been Gio walking into his agency with his new piano playing dog. I find the advert creative and funny, by making the consumers hate him then showing their knowledge that we hate him is very clever.

I remember my Dad complaining every time Gio started singing and rush to put the TV on mute, but then when they brought out the first advert of a woman attempting to bomb Gio – well, I’ve never heard him laugh so much. Very clever marketing from Go Compare and I wonder where they are going to go next…