Be The Artist, Not The Canvas


I found this piece of advertising on whilst trying to find some inspiration for this weeks blog post. It is from the company Steinlager, shedding light on the idea people need to drink responsibly – but as you can see, they do it in a very humorous way.

I’m sure we all know someone who has been drawn on when been drunk (or maybe it was you), so it’s something an audience can connect with and possibly be reminded of an old memory. Steinlager is a lager-style beer which is brewed in New Zealand. So there’s alcohol brands trying to spread the word that people need to drink responsibly? I wouldn’t of believed it before.

I love how Steinlager are trying to joke with the audience, using the motto to hint to the audience to be the person drawing on the drunk one – don’t be the one who’s drank too much who’s going to wake up tomorrow with drawn on glasses/bra/moustache. Alcohol brands will struggle in a lot of cases trying to tell the audience “drink responsibly, alcohol can cause damage, but come and buy our booze” as both go against each other. Here’s another advert from the ‘be the artist’ campaign…


It’s a very clever advert and definitely gets an 8/10 from me.