Another Unhappy Customer

Just like every week I have been wondering what to write about in my next blog post. I came to the conclusion that as I’m getting a degree in Advertising AND Brand Management I will talk about about a brand which I have been thinking/screaming about recently – Blackberry. I have a Blackberry Curve at the moment, and thankfully the torturous 24 month contract I have had with it is finally ending soon.

bb Obviously the past 24 months has been enough to make me realize I will never be getting one again but for the sake of this blog post I wanted to see what other people thought of the phone/brand and also see how it’s doing. Clearly by the above picture it must be a universally known fact that BB Curve’s are, well, awful. I looked on the website Mashable for any info/articles about the brand and found the following articles titles: Who Would Buy Blackberry? (Aug 12, 2013), Blackberry Has Sought Buyers Since 2012 (Aug 13, 2013) and Blackberry PlayBook Is as Good as Dead (Jun 28, 2013). There were plenty more where those came from too. But what I want to know is how could such a massive brand go so wrong?


My issues with Blackberry come with the fact my phone only just lasted 12 months into the 24 month contract – for the last year I’ve had a partially working phone. The middle button (select/enter) key does not work, recently I’ve been having issues with scrolling anywhere on the menu of my phone, the battery is horrendous as one minute the battery will tell me it’s full then next it’s died and wont turn on, the dreaded “Blackberry clock” comes on the screen on a regular basis (to those lucky non BB users it means it’s froze and you have a long wait ahead till it works again), I could go on and on but I’ll just leave it there.

You would think the basics of being a successful brand would be; sell a good product, advertise/market yourself, and good customer service (obviously I am aware there’s much more that just this but you would think they would atleast get these sorted first?!). So why doesn’t Blackberry sort out their problem – bad products?!

Rant over.


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Social Media Addiction – Is It Real?

facebookaholic(Image from

I, like many others, am the stereotypical young person who is always looking at some sort of screen. If it’s not my Blackberry, then its my Nook tablet or my Dad’s iPad, or my laptop or my TV. Sometimes I am even looking at 3 at once!

As most people, I can access Facebook and Twitter on my mobile so I can easily check what’s going on no matter where I am, and yes, I probably check them too much (every 2 minutes isn’t normal, right?). I use these as a newspaper when I am commuting, whether I’m on a bus, tram or train I will scroll through my news feed to see if anything new is going on. I use Twitter to tell me life events rather than watching the news, and I’ll have a group conversation via Facebook as opposed to meeting up in person. Surely everyone else does the same thing though? I think as a society we’ve got to a point where it’s normal but could it actually be classed as an addiction?

I’m sure plenty of people know what I’m talking about when you leave the house and leave your phone behind, you feel ‘lost’ without it. Many Blackberry users have been known to see the red light (the notification alert) even when there are no notifications, but they are adamant they have seen it. I will hold my hands up and say I have been sure in the past I’ve seen the red light when I in fact have not.

I have read an article from The Telegraph (I read it online, surprise surprise) explaining a study which was undertaken to see if people who claim to be addicted to social media have withdrawal symptoms when they go without Facebook and Twitter. Indeed they found out they did get withdrawal symptoms when they were forced to go cold turkey.

What would happen to people like me if Facebook, Twitter, or even mobiles were to disappear? Would we need to go to social media rehab?