“A Bad Voice Over Can Ruin An Advert”

As I study Advertising, as part of our Advertising Management Unit at Uni this year we have to create our own advert. On the weeks leading up to filming our advert our lecturer made sure that it was drilled into our heads that “a bad voice over can ruin an advert”. Some accents just won’t work, women’s voices won’t usually work, and if the person sounds dull/boring… it also just wont work. So reflecting on this idea – which my lecturer has done a good job of drilling in my head – I came across a Christmas advert this year where I think the voice just does not work.

Here’s the advert…


My issue is the boys voice, as he’s going doing his good deeds he’s telling us what he’s doing and why. But I just don’t think his accent works. It reminds me of the accents you hear on Coronation Street, so I’m going to guess it’s a North-West accent (could be wrong though as I am horrendous at placing accents). Anyhow, I love the idea behind the advert, ‘the joy of giving’ and all that but I can’t help but think the accent ruins it. It’s supposed to make me think “aww, isn’t that lad sweet giving presents to everyone”, however I’m left thinking that his voice is terrible and insincere (not quite what Boots were trying to do)! It annoys me every time.

Am I the only one who thinks this voice just doesn’t fit the accent? Is it a an example of how a bad voice over can ruin an advert?

P.S. If the lad who’s voice was used to make the advert just happens to stumble across this blog post for some unknown reason, no offense to you mate, it’s the advert I have an issue with, not you.

Rant over.