Pepsi VS Coca Cola

I am slightly late in blogging about this particular subject as this post is back dated to Halloween! The latest battle between the well known coke brands, Pepsi and Coca Cola remind me why I chose to go into advertising…it’s fun! Pepsi came out fighting this October when they showed a playful print ad of a Pepsi can dressed up as Coca Cola to look scary on Halloween. Here it is…

Pepsi HalloweenFunny, right? Great little advert poking fun at Coca Cola and I cannot fault them for it. However the battle between them both gets better when you see Coca Cola’s response to it…

coke responseGenius! Well done Coca Cola, I personally think you won this battle. I love playful wars between brands as long as they are just that – playful. What’s the point in seriously trying to ruin a brands reputation? You lose credibility by doing that, in my opinion anyway. So banter like this, and clever banter at that I very much appreciate. Personally I prefer Coca Cola anyway, and as it is nearly Christmas I’m all over their brand from the moment I see their Christmas advert. However, Pepsi definitely deserves a lot of a credit for even having the guts to tease Coke. Thumbs up for all!

Do you have a favourite advert? Do you have a preference in the brands?


Live Like Grandpa Did


This is Coca-Cola’s new advert to encourage a healthy life style as part of a anti-obesity campaign. I love it! As Britain – a long with many other countries have a growing waistline it’s about time that companies are trying to emphasize the need for a healthy lifestyle. Coca-Cola are just the kind of big company which needs to help tackle this problem. Ok, I agree, Coca-Cola may be one of the problems with it’s sugar-filled drinks. However, that’s due to people’s own consumption as I’m sure it could be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle if drank as a treat once in a while. My favourite part of the advert is the montage of heart-warming family images at the end. Well done Coke, you get a thumbs up from me.



Where’s my name?


There it is!

I love Coca Cola’s current campaign – printing 150 of the most popular names on Coke bottles. It’s genius. I’m sure most people who have seen Coke bottles in a store have had a cheeky look to see if their name is there.

The sheer joy of finding your own name, whether it’s a popular name or not, makes you feel like a kid again looking through personalized stuff in a shop just to see if you can see your name (I’m sure we’ve all done it). I haven’t actually found my own name, a friend found it in London and sent me a picture. It was a nice surprise as I know my name isn’t very popular – usually people are called Jo for short.

It’s quite clear to see this campaign is turning people into children again, aside from people looking for their names there’s been quite a lot of comments/complaints wondering why Coke don’t provide a bottle with their name on. Are they taking it too seriously? After all it is just meant to be harmless fun.

I can’t wait to see what their marketing department do next!