easter bunny

Until Next Year, Easter

After a weekend of gorging on chocolate and indulging in alcohol (for most people anyway), the Easter period is now over unfortunately, and today it’s the first day back to work. Whilst trying to look for inspiration for this blog post I decided to look through this years best and worst Easter campaigns. In my opinion there has been definitely more bad campaigns than good – far too many ads have been very similar. (I mean, really, how long did it take you to think of using an Easter Bunny?)

Here’s a list of a few of my favourite Easter print adverts that I have come across:

bunnyI know, I know – this joke it very old but it still manages to make me laugh?! Classic and simple but I do think the message is clear.

EasterAnother simple and clear advert, this time from Subaru. Even though the image is simple and so is the message, as Subaru is known for being a maker of fast cars, I think it sets a positive brand image for promoting safe travels. It also helps that the bunny ears made from the logo looks very cute. A+

chocThis campaign included the advert above and two others; one showing the same woman with a chocolate egg as a ring and another wearing them as earrings – and ALL of them actually look smart! At first glance I didn’t realise it was a chocolate advert, until I looked closer. I like the play-on with a high end fashion advert, it just works.

get close to godAlthough this is a lot more serious than the previous adverts I have shown, the message is probably the most important. As we treat the bank holiday weekend as an excuse to drink and party, we all need to stay safe whilst doing so. I think the message is strong and is the perfect time to promote the message that drink driving kills.

deathAnd the winner is… TBWA. Not surprising though really, is it? If anyone is going to create a fantastic Easter advert then the chances are it’s going to be one of the top advertising agencies. I found this hilarious, I have never seen anything similar to this before, it is a truly an original and clever piece of creative work. Whilst everyone else focuses their campaigns around chocolate, eggs, or bunnies, this is a completely different way of looking at/joking about Easter. From the font to the colours and the picnic, I love all of it. A* for TBWA