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Should Facebook be monitored more heavily?

Videos are being shared between friends now more than ever on Facebook and we can’t click play without having to brace ourselves for what we may or may not see!

Personally, I stay clear of most videos in my news feed, I will only watch ones sent directly to me. When videos are circulating from the torturing of animals to self-harm to porn how can we expect our news feed to be safe? The most horrific and vile videos can be seen on Facebook and yet there are millions of 11-16 year olds who could be at the receiving end of these (yes, I know the minimum age is 13 but we all know younger people are on it- they lie).

Would you want your children watching these videos?

I think Facebook needs to crack down on the videos that are shared and be able to stop explicit videos being shared altogether or block anything with over 18 content on YouTube. Or even for people like me who don’t want the opportunity to see things like that just block videos from the news feed altogether. Have you got any better ideas?

I know it hasn’t always been like this, so when did it all change? And why? Sort it Facebook!