Where’s my name?


There it is!

I love Coca Cola’s current campaign – printing 150 of the most popular names on Coke bottles. It’s genius. I’m sure most people who have seen Coke bottles in a store have had a cheeky look to see if their name is there.

The sheer joy of finding your own name, whether it’s a popular name or not, makes you feel like a kid again looking through personalized stuff in a shop just to see if you can see your name (I’m sure we’ve all done it). I haven’t actually found my own name, a friend found it in London and sent me a picture. It was a nice surprise as I know my name isn’t very popular – usually people are called Jo for short.

It’s quite clear to see this campaign is turning people into children again, aside from people looking for their names there’s been quite a lot of comments/complaints wondering why Coke don’t provide a bottle with their name on. Are they taking it too seriously? After all it is just meant to be harmless fun.

I can’t wait to see what their marketing department do next!