End Of The World Job Interview

Although I’ve already blogged once this week, I came across a great new advert which my boyfriend had shared on Facebook which I had to show on my blog. For all of you who haven’t yet seen it, get watching!

A fabulous ad for the new LG Ultra HD 84″ TV. 10/10 from me – what do you think?

Be less Cat, and more Dog

I’m sure you’ve all seen it. O2 has unleashed a new campaign telling the audience to “be more dog”, whatever that means. However, although the slight confusing as to what the advert is actually trying to say (at first), it is my favourite advert on TV at the moment. It’s amazing!



What do you think? When I first saw it, it stood out, I’ve never seen anything like that before, and I actually enjoyed watching it. That’s what you need for a good advert, right? It took me a while to realize it was advertising O2 but since I pay attention to it every time it’s on it didn’t take me long to remember. So why do we need to ‘be more dog’? And what does that even mean? Well O2 have been very kind and made a video – almost as entertaining as the first – to explain what this concept means. However some may say if it has to be explained then it hasn’t worked very well…



It’s either an act of genius, or waste of time as it has to be explained. I say an act of genius – I love it.

The Intern…(Or At Least Trying To Be!)

hilary devey(Image from

Many of you may have seen Hilary Devey’s new Channel 4 show ‘The Intern’, a show giving young people a chance to get their dream job. I love the idea of it and also loved watching it too.

As I’m a University Student, I’ve just completed my first year and I’m currently in the same boat as many other youngsters trying to get a job or a summer internship. I understand how frustrating it is applying for jobs and people don’t reply back or even seeing jobs requiring ‘experience’ (yet no one will hire you or take you on in the first place to give you that experience). So when I heard about the concept of the programme I was happy, and I hope as a result of this employers in the future will be more willing to give youngsters a chance to see what we are actually capable of.

I’ve seen an article on The Telegraph of someone offended by the series – but I completely disagree! I don’t think it “humiliates youngsters who are desperate for a job” – I’m assuming neither do the people who got a job out of it do either! It’s true, we ARE desperate for a job, it’s not embarrassing it’s a fact. Hilary has given youngsters an uplifted spirit and I’m going to carry on searching for a job till I get one!

What are your views of the programme? Or are you in the same situation as me and the people from the show?

The annoying ‘Go Compare’ man!


We all know the ridiculous and annoying theme tune: GO COMPARE, GO COMPARE – OK I’ll stop now, I know how annoying and catchy it is.

We might hate the adverts – the previous ones anyway – but we can’t deny it is fabulous advertising. Whenever I have needed to get car insurance quotes, Go Compare is where I go first just because I remember it easily; exactly what the advert is designed for.

However since they’ve stopped the irritating singing (luckily for us) they’ve turned the campaign into something funny, showing ‘Gio Compario’ looking for another job because people hate him. The latest one to hit our screens this April has been Gio walking into his agency with his new piano playing dog. I find the advert creative and funny, by making the consumers hate him then showing their knowledge that we hate him is very clever.

I remember my Dad complaining every time Gio started singing and rush to put the TV on mute, but then when they brought out the first advert of a woman attempting to bomb Gio – well, I’ve never heard him laugh so much. Very clever marketing from Go Compare and I wonder where they are going to go next…