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After 2 weeks in sunny Costa Blanca – Spain, I’m now back in rainy Manchester, and of course – back to blogging! I thought my first blog post-holiday should be about what has been on my mind whilst in Spain.

toughdecisions (image from

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my future and my career and what’s coming up in the next term of Uni. When I go back into what will be my 2nd year of University, I’ll be starting “Agency Life” (which is one day a week in an unpaid job in the industry related to your course – in which we get graded on), I’ll be going to my other lectures and also working. But another important factor will be applying for my Sandwich year – this is a year after the 2nd year and before the final year in which you can choose to work for a year in industry, to gain money and experience and maybe even use it to help with your final dissertation. Since my course is called Advertising and Brand Management I could take a number of different routes in choosing a job for my sandwich year. I could go into advertising, marketing, digital, branding – most routes I choose will be a guess if I’ll like them, as I’ll have had no previous experience – aside from marketing. Now for a lot of research into my possible choices.

I thought once you’ve decided what University you want to go to and what course you want to study the big decisions stop for a few years – but they keep on coming!

I would also like to thank Mama O for the Liebster Award she nominated me for – I didn’t know what this was when I first read it but after a lot of researching on Google I think I just about understand the concept. And a huge thank you to her no less. I’ll be replying back to this hopefully in a few week once I know who to nominate!

Thomas Cook’s ‘irresponsible ad’

Thomas Cook’s ad from December 2012 was banned due to being irresponsible and sending negative messages to children.

Thomas-Cook-sign-at-East--007Click image to view advert on YouTube.

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As the holiday goers are queuing to jump back on the coach to head back to the airport to end their holiday, a man walks over to the coach and vandalises one of the wheels so the coach cannot go anywhere. It is supposed to match the tagline “holidays you won’t want to return from” as he doesn’t want to go home. He does this act of vandalism in view of children in the queue – this is where the problem arises for it being irresponsible and I agree.

However aside from that it does send a bad message to children about vandalism and bad behaviour, I think it shouldn’t have been aired due to the tagline being useless. Holidays are supposed to be exciting family experiences that are looked forward to all year round, irrespective of who you book with. The majority of people who go on holiday don’t want to return back home due to the good time their having, how does this advert set Thomas Cook aside from the others? The tagline could fit any travel agents.

I think Thomas Cook need to be more creative and think outside of the box. They also need to think sensibly about what they are showing and try not to get an advert banned…again, but also think about what differentiates them from competitors, I think the whole campaign was a poor move from their marketing department. They need to step up if they want more people to consider them for future holidays because they are not a company I’d even recall.